Duties & Responsibilities:

The position of Wildland Fire Paramedic working for Best Practice Medicine is a seasonal position operating under the Paramedic Resource Group and will provide medical standby service during the wildland fire season. The seasonal provider will accept 14-day deployments, when requested, and may be asked to be extended. The provider will be issued a 4x4 vehicle, medical equipment, and fireline PPE (with the exception of foot wear) and will report to the Fire Command for assignment.

Under the supervision of Fire Command, the Wildland Paramedic is responsible for:

  • Travel to/from each site.
  • Medical response to fire line personnel.
  • Maintenance of medical and transport equipment.
  • Additional duties as assigned by the Director of the Paramedic Resource Group or Medic Unit Leader.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

  • Nationally Registered and State Licensed Emergency Care Provider (ECP) with a recommendation for clinical practice from current or previous employer.
  • No felony convictions
  • Clean driving record

If you do not have any of these certifications we can help you acquire them. All you have to do is attend one of our basic wildland courses in Bozeman, MT during this spring, dates TBD

Additional Requirements:

Current Immunizations (MMR, Hep B, TDAP)

Negative TB test within the last 12 months

Preferred Skills

  • Preferred 1-year experience on wildland fire and/or EMS. Additional licensure in Wyoming or other compact states.

Working Conditions: Work is performed in outdoor, high risk conditions. Requires lifting up to 70 pounds and carrying objects up to 50 pounds. Equipment and resources must be maintained in a clean and operational condition. Variable deployment timelines based on active fire season and needs. As a Wildland Fire EMT/Paramedic you will be exposed to higher risks on the fire line.

Job Types: Part-time, Temporary

Pay: up to $4,450.00 per week

Our Core Values

Best Practice Medicine hires, fires, rewards, disciplines, and promotes around our core values. They are what we practice every day. You at your core will resonate with these values and display them as a member of the team from your very first day!


The science of positivity is irrefutable. We cultivate and are responsible for positive energy and attitudes with fun, never take ourselves too seriously, and we notice the good, especially when it’s scarce.

Learner and Learning First

We are relentless in putting the act of learning first, for ourselves, our team and our clients and their learners.

Can-Do Fighting Spirit

We specialize in the challenging, the difficult and the impossible. We are by our nature problem solvers, trailblazers, inventors, innovators, and envelope pushers. Our constant curiosity pushes us to ask questions and keep going until the job is done.

Radical Support

We believe the purest form of compassion and kindness is support. We are more than helpful—we are radically supportive. When we recognize a member of our team, our learners and clients need help, we rush to their sides and do not leave until the work is done. We sacrifice for others.

Fanatical Attention to Detail

We make the complex simple by focusing on thoroughness, consistency, and the little things.